Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dang it!

My parents were in town this weekend so my mom and I decided to go to a cycling class early Saturday morning (we are doing a triathalon together in May.) Anyway, I put two water bottles in my bag along with my wallet and phone and when we got to the gym low and behold the whole inside of my bag was WET! Agh! So yeah, my phone BROKE!

Spence took me to get a new one last night after dinner because he loves me so much! Well I have to say that it is a pretty sweet little number. It's the new Nokia that is also an MP3 player. I can't wait to get it all figured out!

An add on to that...I lost everyones phone numbers!!! SO SEND THEM TO ME!


So I stole these pictures off of my sister-in-law Nikki's blog. Here is my sweet Abby with her cousin Tori. They just decided to climb into Mayli's bed and read books together the other night!
Looks like Mayli wanted to join the fun! I try to get Abigale over to see her cousins at least once a week. She just loves it so much! We aren't sure how much longer they will all be so close so I am glad that Abby has time to build friendships with all of her cousins now!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


My cousin Amanda stretches me to new heights! She saw this cake in a magazine and just had to have it for her little girls birthday she asked me if I could do it for her. Of course I said yes even though I had never done fondant previously. I think it turned out pretty good! But seriously...will prolly never do it again! Crazy long! But I can't help but dote...ENJOY!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Sweeties

Here is a pis of my sweet girls on Valentine's Day. They didn't really cooperate very much for their Aunt Krista while she was trying to get this pic for me as I was at my massage appt. The girls were only together in the morning and then didn't see each other again until tonight at around maybe I will have to get them back in their outfits from Grammie and take another pic later! They are both such sweethearts! I love them so much!!!

Valentine's WEEK...

Sunday Feb 8 Monday Feb 9

Tuesday Feb 10

Wednesday Feb 11Thursday Feb 12

Friday Feb 13--sorry I didn't take a pic before we dug in!! My Valentine's Week was so great! I wasn't expecting anything and was very pleasantly surprised that my husband was so thoughtful and got me something for every single day! Friday, after digging into my Chocolate Covered Strawberries, I went and got my nails done and a pedicure!! It was so great! Much to my surprise on Valentine's morning Spencer and I went and got a COUPLE'S MASSAGE! It was so wonderful! Then we went to see Confession's of a Shopaholic...SO FUNNY! And for dinner we went to our usual place, PF Chang's in SLC. We had reservations and had a very yummy dinner! (Mine cost me 1161 calories!!!) YIKES! But it was great and well worth it. Then we came home for some sparkling cider and a night all to ourselves without Abigale. This year was GREAT!
Tonight we exchanged little valentine's with Abby's friends here at WRA. She got a sweet card and a See's chocolate heart from Joseph and a plate of sugar cookies from Seren. She gave them each chocolate chip cookies with little hearts and sprinkles on them. We are so glad that Abby has friends here that she can play with! She really loves it!
I hope everyone had a great Valentine's!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I did a few posts so be sure to scroll down through the page...I am so bad about updating lately!

Lyla's Blessing Day

Here is my sweet Lyla Belle! She was blessed today by her father Spencer at her grandparents ward in Centerville. She was such a sweetheart and didn't hardly cry! Here are a few pics of her after church.
We took this picture of all of the grand kids together to send to my brother Jake on his mission. Not everyone cooperated but what can you do...they are all under 5 for heavens sake!
Mayli just loves holding Lyla...and I must say that Lyla quite likes it too!!
Here is a picture of our little family. I look GREAT with my no makeup! I always run out of time getting ready on special days cause I am always trying to make sure everything else is going as planned! It's pretty time consuming getting THREE girls ready for church!

Thank you so much to all of the family and friends that came and supported us at Lyla's blessing! We are so thankful to our Heavenly Father for blessing us with our sweet girls.


My parents came up to Utah for the weekend for Lyla's blessing so we got all of the cousins together and took them to a pool in Lehi, as they were walking out to the pool all the girls had to be holding hands! They are just so silly! They love to be together! I am not sure that you should be taking pictures inside the shower/locker room at a public pool but OH WELL! It was too good to miss!


Just a cute picture of my little sweetie!


Or NOT! On Thursday morning Abigale decided to make some "cookies"...all by herself! Spence and I had had a late night as Lyla decided to stay up till 2 am crying, and I was sore from doing turbo kick boxing the morning before and Abby came into our room at 8:30 and wanted to play. Well being the GREAT PARENTS that we are we shipped Abby out to the family room to eat her breakfast and watch Playhouse Disney. Anyway, while sleeping I vaguely remember hearing Abby rustling through my bedside drawer, and thought nothing of it. At 10:30 Spence got up to check on Abby and started laughing and told me to come look. All of a sudden something in my mind clicked and I realized that Abigale must have taken something out of my bedside drawer. This is what I came out to...

CONDOMS!! But only the wrappers remained...where were they???

In the OVEN of course! Abigale put them back in the drawer and when we asked what she was doing she said, "I makea cookies." Such a weird little child! Spencer is convinced that Abigale never wants us to have sex again!