Saturday, July 26, 2008

Big kid NOW...

Well, I guess she couldn't stay my baby forever. Abigale spent her first night in a toddler bed tonight. I shed a couple tears. She is still so little (under 20 lbs) so I just don't see her doing big girl things. Spencer said it would be better to transition her now so that when baby number two comes Abby won't be jealous that the baby is taking her bed. It makes sense, but I am still sad. Maybe it's just the hormones of being pregnant, I don't know!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I saw this on my sisters blog and decided to do it. It was pretty interesting to fill out.


I am: 23, married, and have a sweet little girl with another on the way
I think: about mediocre things alot
I know: that I am lucky to be where I am today
I want: more storage SPACE!!
I have: a great husband that gets up and takes care of Abby when I am not feeling well
I wish: I were better at caring sometimes, or showing people that I care
I hate: loosing to anyone at bowling
I miss: my "friendships" from people that used to be my closest
I fear: the world my children have to grow up in
I feel: like a Pepsi...
I hear: the running water in the bathroom where Spence is shaving
I smell: yummy aromas of aftershave
I crave: ElCharro and Mattas
I search: for ways to show my husband how much I love him
I regret: hurting so many people in my lifetime
I love: my family
I care: more than I show
I always: bite my fingernails
I am not: a millionaire, and probably never will be
I believe: many things
I dance: with my little girl
I sing: almost all of the time, and can be found humming when I am not singing
I don't always: give in when I should
I write: very rarely
I lose: my mind several times a day
I win: "rewards" I don't want ;)
I listen: when it's necessary
I can usually be found: with my husband and little girl
I need: to sell my car
I am happy about: being able to work with my husband and spend time with my family all day

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

20 Week Ultrasound

Well, I don't know why I was so nervous this morning but I kept having wierd dreams that the doctor found another baby on the ultrasound and that it was a boy. CRAZY! We already had one ultrasound done at 16 weeks and know that there is only one baby and it's a girl, but my dream was so real!! Anyway, we got back from the doctor and there is still only one baby in my belly and she is certainly a girl. We are so exctied to have another addition to our family on the way. Abigale loves babies so we are hoping that she will be a great big sister. So far all of Spencer's friends from highschool have all had girls. So we will have lots of friends for our little girls.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Family Time

This is the whole Nielson Clan except Jake, who is on a mission. We had so much fun with our family. I am very grateful to be able to spend time with them. Starting in August AJ and his family, Natalie and her family, and my family will all be in Utah so we are excited to have all of the grandkids together again.

Here is my little cutie Abby outside the condo before dinner

Sea World Photos

This is a pic of the beginning of our adventure at Sea World. Aren't they so cute?! Here are some pictures of Abigale on rides with her daddy, she didn't like them right at first, but as they kept going she started to have fun.

Here are some pictures of the Shamu show. She really liked watching the whales alot!

Belmont Park

This is at Belmont Park in California. It was Tuesday night family night so everything was half off. Abigale loved the boat ride and she wasn't too happy on the carousel at first but warmed up to it after the first few rounds.

Beach FUN

Abigale wasn't too keen on the dry sand at first but she sure didn't mind the water. She got used to the dry sand the second day at the beach..and then every day following that we had to reintroduce her to it. She loved the beach! We had to be careful with her though because she would just run right into the waves when we weren't looking.

Vegas Pictures

Here are some photos of Abigale and Spencer in a pool in Vegas.

New NEWS!!!

Well kids, it's been let out of the bag. We are expecting a baby girl on December 2nd. We are excited to join the list of friends that are also awaiting a new one into their families.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Back HOME!

We are back home from Cali. It was way fun. Our camara is broken so we will have to get the pictures on a disc before we can post them. We drove straight home from cali to utah and let me tell you...never again!! Well, not if I can help it. Abby did really well in the car though, she ended up sleeping three times so that helped out a bunch. We are very happy to have had the oppertunity to hang out with my family for a whole week, but also very happy to be back home! Hope all is well with everyone.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

California FUN!

We are finally in Cali! We spent the weekend in Vegas with our friends Jeff and Cora Johnson and their little sweetie Jaydee. It was so much fun. We have been in Cali since Sunday afternoon and have spent everyday so far at the beach! Abigale is just now getting used to the sand! She loves the water though. We have to keep a close eye on her cause she just runs straight in! It has been really fun being around our family and having all of the Nielson grandkids together again. We will post some pics when we get home!! Hope everyone is doing well!