Monday, June 29, 2009

Day of Fun

This past weekend we went to my sisters apartment to hang out with them and Abigale and Carson had a ton of fun playing together! The last couple of times that we have hung out they have been so good together and I am so glad because for a little while they were both going through a phase and were quite mean to each other.
We had quite the drive home because it all of a sudden started to down pour but it was really cool afterward because there was a super bright rainbow. It was a full one too! I got a pic once we got to the house but it really doesn't do it justice. This one had a ray of sunlight through it.


let Abigale choose what she wanted to wear the other day, so she went into her drawers and said "I wear my soccer shirt." So Spencer pulls out this outfit that my in laws bought for Abigale some time ago. I had it in the bottom of her drawer because if you can't tell from the photo it is still quite large on my little girl...but she just loved wearing it! She ran around most of the day with her soccer ball in hand. She is such a silly girl!


This might be a blast from the past for a few of you...but Lyla has just started sucking her fingers the same way I used to when I was a kid before I broke my arm in kindergarten! For me it's just further proof how much of ME these girls are made of!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Emily Lyn Olsen

My sister Natalie had her little girl Emme on Tuesday and the first time we went to see her I forgot my camera...ding dong! Anyway, we went back and saw her again today and I got a couple of pics! She is so cute and little!!! Abigale just loves holding her new cousin!

Lyla was trying to pull Emily over so she could see her better!! Emily and Mommy are doing fine and should be out of the hospital tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Sorry guys...NO PICTURES with this post! You'll thank me!! But Abigale has officially peed and pooped on the big girl potty ALL DAY today!!! We are so proud of her!! She is getting BIG GIRL PANTIES from her grammie on Friday! So yeah, I just thought I would let all of you blog stalkers know whats been going on in our house well as keep the info for the future.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Catch UP

Abigale and Lyla have such fun together...even if it is just laying around on the ground.
Here is Abby on Grandma's piano. She was a little wary of the camara but usually can be found singing a random made up song of hers...and when the piano is there she likes to play along as well! So dang funny!
Lyla Belle turned 7 MONTHS on Saturday...and this is a photo of her from then. She is starting to crawl around and is scooting all over the place! She is so cute and it makes it really hard to stay mad at her when she isn't cooperating! This look means WATCH OUT MOMMY HERE I COME!
As I was mentioning before...she makes it hard to stay mad! Lyla was supposed to be taking a nap and decided to play with her sister in her crib and giggle! They really are so cute together so I usually give in and let them play instead of enforcing nap time!
She is such a cutie!

Here it is birthday present! It's a writing desk with a fold down table and storage for all of my bill stuff! I LOVE IT! Spencer let me pick it out myself and even let me have it early! I am so glad too cause I am one of those people who ruin surprises by trying to guess and I am REALLY bad at waiting...

It is WAY CUTE!! Thank you Spence and my little girls too! I love you!!