Tuesday, February 28, 2012

IT'S A....

I found out that our next little bundle of Joy is another BOY!!  I was so excited to share the news with Spencer and the kids!!!
 So excited!
 Looking at pictures of the baby
 YAY!!  A boy for me to play with!!!
 Can we get the balloons down??
I am so excited that we are going to have another boy!  Max is such a sweetheart and I am so glad that he will have a brother to help him out with his two sisters!! A perfect little family and we are so excited to see what this baby brings to the table!!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Boy do I love Valentines!!   This year did not disappoint!  Spencer had to work but sent me on a scavenger hunt all around the house to find my presents!  He is so great!  He got me a new pair of moccasins...as my old ones had holes in the toes!!  LOVE THEM!
The Flowers this year were AMAZING!  I got 12, and the girls each got one!  Makes them feel extra special too!!
 Seriously, they were so pretty and lasted for a week after V Day!  Hot pink....my FAV!!!
 I dabbled in the art of chocolate covered strawberries!  They may not have looked as good as the ones my BF Chelsey makes but they tasted OH SO GOOD!  The girls each ate like 4 of them!!
 Here is a pic of my three Valentines together!  They are all so sweet and light up my life in so many ways!!
 Look at this STUD!!  He is getting so BIG!!  But he is such a sweetheart and sure does love his Momma!!!