Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas and more...

So on Dec 19th we celebrated Christmas with the Keddington family and our girls got alot of loot....

Abby loves this princess plate set
Lyla got this talking Cookie Monster which she carries around all of the time and she growls at funny! Abigale and Lyla got a cd player for their room so they can listen to music and dance!
Lyla opening her Cosmo gift...a sweet little BYU Bear!
Abigale got this Tutu from her grandma and she loves it SO MUCH! She gave us all a dance show and it was GREAT! She wants to wear this all the time...
This Christmas we are celebrating in Arizona with my family! I am so grateful to live close enough to family that we can do this for the girls and be with all of their cousins for the holidays!
Here is my sweet Lyla eyeing the Christmas tree...she is so sneaky Here is a photo of the tree before all of the presents were pretty!
My sweethearts in their Christmas pjs!
Abigale got her GUM from SANTA!!
Pure JOY that Santa actually brought her what she asked for!!!
She loved all of her presents but was so funny opening them...she would smile really big and then hug them! So sweet!
Lyla reading her book she got with Daddy
Daddy got a new game to play at game night with Drew and Chels!
My girls opening outfits from Grammie
Lyla loved wearing this BUZZ hat that her cousin Carson got for xmas! She is so funny!
Here is our family photo in our Christmas outfits. It was really sunny this morning after church so we are all squinting! My grandmother made the girls dresses and then sent me the same material and I made myself a skirt to match. The outfits were a big hit! Thanks Great Grandma!!
We have been in Mesa for three days and are having a BLAST!! So grateful for the Christmas season!! We are going to see the temple lights one of these days this week so we can talk to Abby and Lyla about the real reason we celebrate this season! I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and all of the sacrifices he made so that I can be with my family forever! We hope that everyone is doing well this holiday season and are so grateful for the friendships we have!


Here is a little wish for holiday cheer from the Nielson Grand kids! Carson, Emily, Mayli, Zoe, Abigale, Tori, and Lyla...Santa's BIGGEST helpers!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


We celebrated Abigale and Tori's 3rd Birthday last weekend! It was so much fun and the Birthday Girls had a blast! Thank you so much to everyone that came and for all of the presents that were given to Abigale...she loves them all!!

Enjoying the rides at Chuck E Cheese with her friend Seren! So much fun!Stomp!My Happy girl throwing away her Passies!! What a BIG GIRL!Singing...So happy!She loved opening presentsAnd of course one of my little lady enjoying her cupcake...

We love our girls and are so proud of Abby and what a great example she is to her little sister. She is such a joy in our life and are so grateful to our Heavenly Father for entrusting her to us.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Sad news...

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I tell this news to family and friends. Spencer and I found out at the end of Oct that we were expecting another baby in our family! We were so excited and have been hiding this news, as we did with our last child, until we were going to find out the sex of the baby. I was so excited to be a mother of three before I was 25! Today we found out through four ultrasounds that I had blighted ovum...which is where for some reason or another the fertilized egg does not develop and so there is just an empty sack in the uterus. Now I am miscarrying and let me tell you IT SUCKS! We were so excited to have this baby join our family in June but I know that Heavenly Father had different plans.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


These photos are from last Tuesday November 17th when my mom and I got to go to the hospital and see my sweet new niece Zoe after she was born! She is just the darn cutest little thing! So sweet too...I didn't even hear her fuss! I am so excited to have her in our family and that my little girls have one more girl cousin to play with!! We love you Zoe Jane!
What an Angel!

Friday, November 13, 2009

LYLA IS 1!!!

My sweet Lyla Belle turned one today! She is such a joy in our lives and we are so blessed to have her! Here are a few (a little more than that) photos of her from her birthday party! Thanks to all of the family that came and made her day special!! Presents!

The many phases of cake eating...

A happy and full little girl after all of that cake...

Big girl car seat...
Such a sweet heart! Lyla is all over the place and loving her independance. We are so happy at how she is progressing!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Family Photos

Spencer's cousin Andrea took photos for us this past weekend and they ARE SO CUTE!!! Here are just a few of them! ENJOY!

I LOVE THEM! Thanks so much Andrea!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Catch up....

Scarecrow Festival...
I was lazy to post all of these photos but here they are! The Scarecrow Festival is put on by West Ridge Academy where Spence and I work so we get to work there every year and take the kids for FREE as well!! We got the cousins together and had a great time!
Lyla just loved riding the pony! She really was excited the whole time she was on it and was giggling and just having the time of her life!
Here is sweet Tori on her Pony
Abigale on her pony! She didn't even need anyone to walk by her side this year!
And cute Mayli on her pony!!
We went to the face painting booth and got the girls faces done! Here is Mayli before...
And after as a beautiful butterfly! Lyla before...and a little apprehensive
And after with a cute little heart on her faceTori before...After with her dolphin Abigale before...
And after as a kitty! She was a kitty last year too! She was so excited to get her face painted again! JUMP JUMP!
Sweet girls!
Here is a pic of my sweet Abigale! I was trying out her hair to see if we were going to be able to get it into pony tails for her Halloween costume! It worked!!
This is Abby with Cosmo at the last BYU game! She just loves him!
Had to get a photo with the Cosmobile...Here as our pumpkins this year, of course a Y and a mummy face
And a bat. My sister in law Mandi did the BOO pumpkin!
Here are my girls at book babies the Wednesday before Halloween! They were excited to get dressed in their costumes!
Here is Abigale before going to the ward trunk or treat. My little Abby-Caddabby!
Here is a pic of the girl cousins...Tori was a witch, Abby was Abby-Caddabby, Mayli was Dorothy, and Lyla was a monkey!
My sweet monkey!Here are the girls as they did the walking parade! Notice Abby's little pageant wave...
Lyla couldn't resist digging into any candy bowl in her reach! So silly!

Halloween was such a Blast this year!! I think everything is better now that I have my two little girls! I love to just watch them as they learn new things and enjoy life! I hope that everyone is doing well and that you all enjoyed your holiday!

My little girls are growing up too fast! Lyla will be 1 in less than two weeks and Abigale will be 3 in a month and a half! CRAZY! I never thought that my life would turn out like this but I am so glad that it did!!!