Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday GRAMMIE

My Mom and Dad came to Utah for her birthday on Saturday and we all went to dinner at the Pizza Factory. YUM! And as a special treat for the kiddos after the meal she got them all Lollies! They all loved them!Especially my little Abigale!
I love my mom so much! She is so great to all of us, especially her little grand kids! She loves them and they love her too! We are so glad that Grammie and Papa could come visit we had a blast!

Giddy UP!

We went over to Nikki's house after our normal Book Babies outing and the girls were SILLY! Spencer was sitting on the floor and turned to get up and found this...three silly girls jumped on his back for a pony ride!

Bumbo chillin'

Lyla loves hanging out in the bumbo chair! (Thanks Amanda!) It's so nice to be able to sit her somewhere instead of lying her down on the couch or something. Lyla is a mover and a shaker...


Sister love in the morning! What a great thing to wake up to!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Alright everybody it was time for me to stop being lazy and update my blog! So if you want it in chronological order you will have to start at the bottom of this post and work your way to the top...if not ENJOY!

Here is Abigale and Lyla with their new friend Anna Cluff! Abby was so excited to see "Baby Nana" and she just loved holding her! We are so excited to have another little girl to play with!

Spencer, the girls, and I just got back from a week long vacation to AZ. Here is a photo of us right before we left for the airport with my grandparents! Or as Abby calls them...Grammie Great Grammie and Papa Great Papa! She just loved being around them!
Here is a photo of Hole in the Rock located near the Phoenix Zoo. And this is our family up in the "hole" of hole in the rock! Abby liked it so much that she took home a little rock from it! It was actually alot of fun to climb up there with my girls! This is a photo of Payton and Lyla, Payton is my friend Dani's little girl! She is just so cute! Look at all of that hair! So jealous! They are two months apart by the way. Here is Abby's way of going down slides as shown while we were at Papago Park. Here are all of "Abby's Quack Quacks." Cause they were ALL Hers!! We fed them stale cereal, much to the dismay of my father! It was crispix, his favorite, and he said they would still be good to eat stale...YUCK! I was quite concerned that Abby might take a swim with the ducks a couple of times but she stayed dry!
Here is Abby and Grammie digging in the sand! She made quite a few little boy friends later that wanted to play too. First day in AZ and Grammie Great Grammie came to see Abby. Grammie Great Grammie with Lyla. Lyla loved spending time with her so much! She was cooing and giggling for great grammie a ton! Here is Papa Great Papa playing with a toy with Abby. A big smooch from great grammie! These pictures were from the BYU Utah game at Cougar stadium. Grandma K made Abby and Lyla matching cheer leading outfits for Christmas that they finally got to wear! Sweet Lyla Belle Here is Lyla and Abby with Cosmo. Abby was concerned that we were going to leave her there with Cosmo and I am not sure she was too happy about it! Gotta love the BIG FLOWERS! Our happy cheerleader before the game! Thanks again to May May and Tori for letting Abby borrow their pom poms! Big BLUE Eyes! Tori, Mayli, Sophie, Laynie, and Abby outside the Draper Temple. Here is our family after coming out of the Draper Temple. Lyla was out like a light! This was a great photo of Jesus but the glare got to it. Here is Abby reading Lyla a bedtime book before her nap. So helpful! This was about four Sundays ago (I KNOW I KNOW!) Lyla was passed out! I wish I still got to take Sunday naps! Oh how I loved them!
I am so sorry for the long time it took me to get these photos up but I really have been busy with training and am so wasted once the day is over! I will try to be better!! I hope all is well with everyone!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well we can all tell who is my little brothers favorite in the family! This is the pic he sent home with his weekly email. I love my little brother! I am so glad that he is doing so well on his mission! I miss him so much but he will be home soon enough!

Monday, March 2, 2009


I can't wait!! Spencer, Abigale, Lyla and I are going to Arizona in one WEEK! And we are going to stay for 6 whole days! I am so excited! I have been looking forward to this trip for a while now! The only thing I have reservations about is my mom's ideas on what workouts we will be doing while I am there! She is a little CRAZY! But I am sure I will survive...I hope!

PS-if you didn't know already...my phone broke last week and I lost every one's numbers. That includes all of my friends in AZ! So don't get all crazy mad if I haven't called to tell you I am coming!