Sunday, March 28, 2010


It has been a while since my last post! SORRY! Let me catch you up on some of the recent happenings of our life!

Here is a photo of my two girlies! They are getting so big!
Lyla got her cast off...which was a very scary experience for her. Abby seemed to enjoy the whole thing and was laughing the entire time.
One of the reasons I love St. Patrick's Day...Left over corned beef for a lovely Ruben sandwich! YUM!!!
Here is a late photo of my girls in their Valentine's outfits. Lyla had her cast on when the holiday was and I really didn't want it in the here is one I took in March instead!
My sweet Lyla Belle is such a dare devil...yesterday on the 27th we were helping Spencer's parents plant some flowers in their front yard, and I ran in the house to put something on the counter. As soon as I entered the house I heard Lyla I went outside to see what happened. They had taken their eyes off of her for twenty seconds and she climbed up the two cement steps at the porch and fell and biffed it right onto her face! She is such a trooper though! It helped her front tooth break the gum line but it was bleeding quite alot...
Here is a big CHEESE for the camera, also some of the many scratches all over the side of her face.
Yeah we are quite surprised that she is still alive really because she is quite the dare devil....

I am not sure how many of you actually look at the very bottom of my blog page but if you had you would know for a few weeks now that Spencer and I are again expecting our third child. We are very excited and I have made it to 11 weeks (almost) with no complications which we are very grateful for. Hopefully all goes as planned and we will be welcoming a new one to our family in Sept/Oct!