Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Playing Catch Up...AGAIN

Wow, here we go again!! Abby and Lyla made some TURKEY Cupcakes... So proud!
Close up of Abby's
Lyla's...kinda fell apart because she kept trying to eat it.
Sneaking the icing...
Abby learned about Pilgrims in Preschool...when she came home that day she wanted to be one. Grandpa helped her pin these towels on so she was a pilgrim all day!
We FINALLY got to go to the Hiller's Annual PIE NIGHT!! Fantastic!!
Here we are at 2:50 in the morning waiting in line at Khols for BLACK FRIDAY MADNESS!!!
Abby met Santa...see her feeling his hand, she wanted to make sure he was real!
This is as close as Lyla would get to Santa, she screamed out loud when we tried to put her on his lap! No family shot by Santa this year...
Here is my shot at getting photos of the kids together...
Smile from the BOY
My sweet Abigale! She is getting so BIG!
Lyla!! Such a sweetie!
Max!! So dang handsome!!
Well there you have it! I am caught up for now...AGAIN!! Till the Christmas festivities I assume...

Friday, November 19, 2010

KIDS, Parties, Blessing....

WARNING this is going to be a long post...lots of pics!

Alrighty people, I know I have neglected my blogging duties lately, but we have had the croup going around our family and I haven't felt UP to it...so here we go with possibly the longest post ever on my blog.
First we start with my sweetie MAX, we have him doing tummy time to strengthen his neck...he actually enjoyed it! Lift!!
It's finally cold enough at night for my girls to wear their "Warm Jammies"
This is what Lyla does when moms not looking...
NO MOM, There is NOTHING behind me...
I'll clean it up...
Lyla turned TWO this past weekend, so we started off her party at Kangaroo Zoo...

AHHH...Daddy is gonna get you!
Here is a pic of the cake...
Back at home for some much needed food after running around!
The little ladies enjoying themselves at the Big Girl table!
Oh yeah, can we open these Mom?!

Wow, it barks!
Another puppy!
Baby doll from Grammie
I want my CAKE!
Wasn't to sure why everyone started singing to her all of a sudden!
K...blow it out!
Good job!
Dig in...First Bite
Oh, I have frosting on my face?? Let me get it...

Max was blessed on 11-14-2010 at the Keddington Home by his father Spencer and his loving Grandpa and Papa, and uncles Derrick, Nate, Peter, Chad, and my cousins husband Bodi. Along with our great Bishop, Max was surrounded by wonderful men with alot of love.
What a cutie!
Well, there you have it! I am caught up!! FOR NOW!

Saturday, October 30, 2010


My little sweeties really enjoyed "Halloween" this year. We celebrated with our ward party and trick or treating on Saturday this year as Halloween falls on Sunday. We had a blast and didn't get poured on as we moved the party inside at the last minute!

Here is my sweet Abigale as Cinderella Wild Lyla as Minnie Mouse
Max as a Spooky Skeleton
And all three together....this is our last attempt at trying to get all three of them in one frame at the same time looking decent...enjoy!
I love Halloween and this year didn't disappoint. We got to have fun with our family and saw many friends and got to catch up with them as well. I hope everyone else had fun during this Spooky Fun Holiday!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween FUN...

We had the girls paint pumpkins last night. They really enjoyed it!
Sweet Abby
I carved a few pumpkins last night while they were painting...K for Keddington
And here are the girls pumpkins and my ghost and jack o lantern pumpkins
We got a special Jack O Lantern pizza today for lunch from Papa Murphy's. The girls really enjoyed it.
It was quite yummy!!