Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Fun & California!

On the 3rd of July after we went to the city parade we took the girls back to Keddington's and let them run through the sprinklers with their aunts. They had a blast...and little did we know it would be the only sun they would get for a while!
This is at Belmont Park...which is a stop we always make when we go to California. We had a good time and Lyla and Abby really enjoyed the rides!
Glad there is two of them that can ride together on these Spence and I don't have to climb in and out of these 1 min rides!
This year Spencer and I did the "GIVE A DAY, GET A DAY" with Disney, so we took the girls to Disneyland and my parents came along too! It was a great day and the girls did surprizingly well for not having a nap all day.
Here we are with princess Tiana...she loved Abby's Princess and the Frog sweater!
Here is Abigale on the merry go round
And Lyla too, she loved this!
We met some Princesses...Belle
It was two and a half hours past nap time so Lyla took to crawling around on the floor barking like a puppy...
We met Ariel
(We also met another Tiana but I liked the first one I didn't put the other one up!)
Lyla was not too sure about meeting Minnie but Abigale just loved it!
Here is Abby when she ran up to meet Mickey, she was so HAPPY!
The kiddos and Mickey, Lyla was still a little aprehensive at this point but did better than with Minnie.
Lyla and Abby in Mickey's Car.
Here is the family shot. I remembered just as we were walking out of the park that we didn't get a family shot all day, so here is it folks!
We had a blast at Disneyland and were surprized that Abby went on all of the rides that she did and actually liked them too!! Maybe not at first...haha!
The following day we went to SeaWorld with Grammie and Papa and My sister Natalie and her kiddos came too! The weather in Oceanside (ALL OF CALI for that matter) was really cloudy and cold ALL WEEK, so we did more things out and about than we normally would.
The kids loved the Shamu show!
This was Lyla's face like the entire day....WOW!
Here is a shot of Abby enjoying the show

Here is Lyla at the Pet's Rule show, with her WOW face again! So funny!
The kids really liked the Abby Sea Star ride, and lucky Grammie and Spencer got to take them on it!
We saw Elmo, (Lyla did NOT like Elmo.)
However, she did like this "tidepool" for little tikes! She had a blast running around it!
Abby got to meet Zoe too with Elmo.
We folks, that's all the photos I took for this vacation! I feel bad cause I got NONE of them at the beach, but we only went twice and for like an hour or two each time. It was in the 60's and cloudy all week long! BUMMER! We still enjoyed our vacation even if Mommy didn't get the much needed tanning time on the beach!
It is nice to be home and will be even nicer when we actually get to sleep in our own beds tonight!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Family Pictures

So I promised I would upload some of the family photos we took for Father's Day, so here they are...My sweet Abigale. I cannot believe she is going to be four this year, it's CRAZY! My Lyla Belle. She was not enjoying the photos so Spencer bribed her with icecream, this is her practically pulling Spence and his brother Nate back to the car so we could leave!
Now not that I enjoy how I look in this photo, but at least the rest of my family was cooperating at the moment!

Here is the whole Keddington "kid" clan. This is the photo that we blew up really big and gave to Spencer's Father. He loved it by the way. (I kinda like how you can see my baby belly in this one...)
We had a fun time taking these photos and Spencer's cousin Andrea was so sweet to do this for us last minute!!