Monday, October 31, 2011


My Sweet Frankenstein Pumpkin
 Happy Max!
 Smile LYLA!
 The girls getting psyched up to go trick or treating
 My sweeties!  Abigale is a good witch, Max the monkey, and Lyla a fairy godmother
 Here is Abigale at her preschool Halloween Program!! 
 My mom sent us Caramel Apple kits for Halloween this year!  It was SO YUMMY!!  Thanks Grammie!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


My sweet Lyla Belle has glasses now.  She was having issues with one eye crossing in so the pediatric oppthamoligyst (sp?) said that glasses would help strengthen the eye muscles.  Turns out our little lady is blind as a bat without her glasses on and it makes me wonder why we didn't realize she need glasses sooner.  Just a word to the wise...if your little one is really clumsy and always hurting themselves on things...they might need glasses!!  Oh well!  She sure is cute in them!!!! 

 Aunt Shannon came home for a week at the beginning of October and brought her boyfriend Corum with her!  The kids really loved having him and he was really good to them!!  This is them before they made pizzas together one night for dinner...

This past Monday for family night we went to Day Farms to get our pumpkins!!  The weather was so wonderful and the kiddos sure enjoyed it a bunch!!  Here is Lyla waiting for the hayride!!
Sweet Abigale...

Happy Boy MAX!
Just one of the many fields they had of pumpkins!  SO FUN!
Family Shot
So proud of our pumpkins!!  The little one in front is Lyla's, she had to get one "just her size"
Life is going good and we are enjoying our time together!!  Not really looking forward to all of the snow that is bound to make it's way to Utah this winter season!  Lyla's third birthday is quickly approaching...AH!  Seriously can't wait for all the Halloween festivities this weekend too!!