Sunday, November 18, 2012

Lyla turns 4!

My Sweet Lyla Belle turned FOUR on the 13th!  We had a little family party for her at Chuck E Cheese on the 10th!  Here she is with a greasy pizza smile!  I love this GIRL!!
 Don't mind Abby sneezing...
 Alicia and Peter got Lyla Duck Whistles...can't wait till they have children!!!
 Secret of the Wings from Grammie and Papa!
 She was so happy!!!
 She kept saying that she wanted a Unicorn this is the best I could come up with by myself!
I just cannot believe this little girl is FOUR!  It is so crazy how fast time flies!!  I can remember when she was just a little baby and now she is such a big girl and SO DANG SMART!  We love you Lyla Belle!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween and stuff!

We started off the Halloween season right with Lyla's preschool Halloween Program!  CUTEST Witch I know!!
We made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch...(sorry the photos aren't too good of quality...I hate my new camera!)
 We painted pumpkins!  Max did NOT want his picture taken!!
 Sweet Lyla
 Adorable Abby
 My favorite Jack O' Lantern EVER!!! 
 We got to take "Flat Mayli" with us trick or treating and then send her back to Arizona with her new costume!  It was so fun having her visit us!!
 Connor was still smiling by the end of the night!  Sure do love this boy!
Max ditched his Mask (and his smile!) pretty soon after we started!!  He was done by the end of the night!!!  Look at those MUSCLES!! 
Boy... trick or treating with FOUR kids is CRAZY!  But we still managed to not kill one another and we made out like bandits with all the candy we got!!  Here's to NEXT YEAR, when they are older!!

Friday, August 24, 2012


So a ton has happened since we went from 5 to 6 in our family!  Here is a recap since I updated last! 
Here are my sweeties at the Zoo!  We love the ZOO!

We had a ton of fun at Lagoon this year!  The kids rode a lot of rides!!

Then this little boy joined us and SHOOK the place up!! (In a GREAT way!)

He had to spend a little time in the NICU but we all survived!!

A visit from his sisters!

Home at last!

Max couldn't wait to meet his little brother!


The Fourth of July!

Max can be found doing this almost always when Connor is in his reach!

First time going to church!

Loves from brother!

I just die over these church outfits for the girls!!  I LOVE THEM!

Silly Abby!


Connor's Blessing Day!

My A-MAZ-ING Husband!  Max loved this outfit of Connor's!  Everytime he could see him he would say HUT HUT!

Train ride at the zoo!

Tummy time!

Abby before her first soccer game!!

WOW!!  My heart is so full!  I am so blessed to be a wife and a mother!  I know that I didn't plan on my life working out this way but I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven (and my parents!) for helping me realize how wonderful life could be if I just made the choice to LIVE IT!  I cannot even begin to express the love I have for my husband Spencer and the WONDERFUL man he is!  He is so great to work so hard and support our family so I can stay home with my babies and raise them!  I wouldn't have it any other way!!