Sunday, April 4, 2010


So we did Easter on Saturday this year because Spencer and I got to work on Easter..(not complaining...thanks extra $300.00 for the holiday) Anyway, here is a photo of my girls after they found their baskets that the Easter Bunny hid for them!
Abigale was such a good egg hunter...
Lyla would go for one egg and then see others and get so distracted! It was too cute! She did very well too!
Lyla popped this malt egg into her mouth before I even had a chance of trying to stop her!! She thought it was yummy!
My mom and dad came up to Centerville this year and did an egg hunt just for our girls as they did one earlier in the day in Provo for the other grandbabies. Lyla took a spill down the stairs at Keddington's...geez this kid if gonna kill me from STRESS!! I hope that everyone enjoyed their Easter Holiday and that they took the time out to remember Jesus and his resurrection that gave all of us the ability to live again!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Yesterday we took the girls to Provo to dye eggs for Easter. Don't mind that they are all missing their clothing...we didn't want stains!! So here is a pic of Tori, Mayli, and Abigale having fun dyeing their eggs!
This is a pic of Abby's dyeing station. She had a ton of fun and even ate two of her colored eggs when we went home! Lyla was taking a nap so she missed out on the fun!!

Last year we did this as well and it is a great Easter tradition. At least this year we will eat them!! Last year we ended up eating none of them and threw them all away...what a waste!

We are looking forward to this weekend to do egg hunts for the girls with their grandparents!!