Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I thought I would throw in a few of the kiddies as well as they are getting so big! It was a balmy 50 degrees out the other day so we took the girls out to ride their bikes they got for Christmas...Max was "sunbathing"
Happy Lyla!
The girls are so good with Max! They love him to pieces! Abby always wants to hold him...
I won't put up a picture of what Lyla can usually be found doing to Max when mommy steps out of the room...she literally loves him to death...or tries! She can usually be found holding her hands or other things over Max's mouth...yeah, I don't leave him down in her reach very often!! I hope everyone is doing well, sorry that I am such a SLACKER! It's crazy here!

5 months...

Now I know what you are thinking...I thought she said that he was better at eating when he was in his bouncer...this is an exception! He was in a phase for a little while where he was being an aggressive eater... COME HERE FOOD! Seriously though, he would grab my hand and pull it towards his face...and I can't control my hand very well when he does this so it gets all over!
Oh yeah, that's the good stuff!
What? It's all gone??

As of now Max nurses at 8:30 am, then eats a veggie and a fruit baby food at 12, then nurses at 3, then eats a different veggie and fruit baby food at 6, and then finally nurses at 9 and is off to bed! This kid is a CHUNK! I can't wait for his 6 month appt to see how much he has grown!


Well Max started eating baby food after his 4 month check up! He is getting so big!! Well here is my first attempt at feeding him, I think it went pretty well although it was quite messy! From this attempt on I have sat him in his bouncer instead as he can't wiggle around as much and the food makes it to his mouth easier! YUM SQUASH! Tummy time!
What a sweetheart!


Well I know it's a little late...but here are a few glimpses of our valentine celebrations

We got a heart shaped pizza for the girls to enjoy!!

Daddy got us flowers a couple of weeks before Valentines to save on the big buck prices! They were great and my roses lasted until Valentines...the girls daisies didn't do so well!

They love them!!

On Valentines morning we gave daddy the card we made for him (no pic) but it was so cute and had the girls hand prints and Max's foot print! LOVE IT! Anyway, that was it...Valentines on a budget!


When we were in AZ we went to visit my pal Jessica and her sweet daughter Avery! This was the first time Max laughed out loud! What a great memory. Glad I could share it with Jessica and my family!