Monday, September 21, 2009

The Park and Sister Love

Last Wednesday we went to the park after book babies and the girls just loved the swings! Lyla kept laughing the entire time! Spencer said it was hard to get good pictures when the girls were going back and you get what you get!

Lyla and Abby enjoy each others company so much! I just love these two girls!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's here People...

FOOTBALL SEASON is upon us! Football and I have a Love-HATE relationship...I Love going to the games and getting into the cheering and winning and all of that, but I HATE the fact that my husband is a super fanatic and has to watch and re-watch the games, listen to sports radio all of the time, watch all of the other teams that BYU will be playing to see how they factor in...yikes! It seems that every year I go through all of this, but I learn to deal! We are so excited for how BYU is doing so far this season, and can't wait to start using our season tickets next week!!

Pudding Painting!

Alright kids...I am going to be lazy on this one since I am not at my own computer but check out the link I posted below and you will go directly to my sisters post about our fun activity we did yesterday...

After book babies we went over to my sister Natalie's apartment and the kids got to paint with pudding! My sister also made all of the kids these cute matching aprons that they LOVE and they were oh so helpful with the pudding! Thanks Nat. Anyway, the kids really loved it and that's what matters most!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Food, Crafts, Camping, and Fishing...

Lyla just loves Spaghetti! We were eating it the other night and she kept smacking her lips and yelling at us so I put some in the handy dandy food processor and she ate it all! YUM!
Last Wednesday we went to Provo and did book babies with My Sister Natalie, and Sister-in-law Nikki and their kiddos and then afterwards we went over to Nikki's house and did crafts! We made these fun necklaces with Cheerios and fruit loops ( Thanks Natalie ) and the kids really enjoyed it!
Look at my necklace... Daddy made s'mores...and Abigale loved the marshmallows!
YUMMY! Notice the marshmallow on her funny!
Just enjoying time around the campfire!
Abigale got to go fishing and she was really lucky when Daddy was fishing with her, she caught two fish before anyone else caught one!!
So proud!
We had a blast camping in Mantua, Ut with my cousin Amanda and her family and my brother AJ and his family! It was super fun, we each had a tent and the one we borrowed from Spencer's parents was HUGE!! It was an eight man tent so each of our girls had their own rooms off of the side of ours. Lyla slept like a champ, but Abigale got to have a late night around the campfire! The next morning we had breakfast and then went fishing! It was pretty fun and the kids loved it. On the way home we stopped at Maddox...YUM! We brought home a dozen of their rolls with raspberry butter!! And we also stopped at a Farmer's Market in Brigham City and got some PEACHES!! They are SO GOOD! Melt in your mouth!! It was a great little trip!! THANKS GUYS!!