Thursday, October 8, 2009


Well, it has been a little bit since I posted so here it goes...BYU Football season is in full swing now and my family is just LOVING it! We got season tickets again this year and my cousin Amanda and her husband Bodi are right next to us which is so great! My little Abigale can't get enough of the cougars and especially Cosmo. Usually during the games we will send her over to her grandparents who also have season tickets one section away from convenient! Or we will send her down to her Aunt who is in the student section on row 2...behind the BYU players (which Abby loves because she gets to see Cosmo up close!) Anyway, when we are in the car on the way home from the games Abby will just be in her seat yelling GO COUGS! Yeah COSMO! Go Cheerleaders!! She is just so silly! Lyla on the other hand, being a wiggle worm like always, does not enjoy the games as much and in so doing makes it hard for Spencer or I to enjoy them to the fullest. But it's alright! Here is a photo of my girls before the Utah State/BYU game last weekend. Don't worry, when we got to the game we put long sleeve shirts and jackets and hats and gloves and tights and all that good stuff on them to make sure they would be warm!! :)Other news is that I can't believe how fast time flew with Lyla this first year...her birthday is coming up and it really makes me want to cry every time I think about it! She is a little character and is always getting into things!! Her new thing to do is walk around with a walk and ride and when she runs into something like a wall or whatever and can't move she will first try to back up and ram the item and then after doing that a few times she will scream until Spencer or I go and turn her around so she can walk more! I think it's funny, Spencer doesn't so much!
Lyla has been a joy in our lives so far and has just made our family that much more happy! She is so cute! She doesn't have any teeth yet but is roaming all over the place, waves hi, claps, says mama...dada...lyla....baba, she is almost always smiling, is sort of giving up on nursing as of late, and loves her mommy, daddy, and big sister Abby! I am so grateful to Heavenly Father for allowing me to have stewardship over these little angels in my family and also for the wonderful loving father that my husband is to them. Joy can be found everywhere even in these hard times!!