Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Gramie and Papa

Blow a KISS... And a big smooch for Gramie!
We had so much fun this weekend in Arizona with our family. Abigale sure loves her gramie and papa! Every morning when Abby got out of bed she would run around the house saying PAPA, PAPA...until she found him! I know that my dad loved that!
My little girl is growing up so fast! This past weekend Abigale expanded her vocabulary. She now says papa, gammy (gramie), thank you (SO CUTE!), MOO, wawer (water)..and I am sure that there are more little ones, but those are the ones that stick out most to me right now! Spence and I are so grateful that Abigale is ours! It's an amazing feeling knowing that we can be together forever!


BEWARE...the photos you are about to see show a very pregnant AMY! While we were in Arizona this past weekend we decided to go swimming in my parents pool. My mom mentioned before we came that it would probably be too cold...HA! It was 103 degrees outside! It felt so nice to be in a pool with the weather being warm.

Well here is Abby's SLAM DUNK!!

KICK KICK! We are trying to slowly get Abby into liking being semi on her back in the water. So we had her show us her kick and it seemed to distract her a little...

Oh yeah! Check out that BELLY SHOT! Thanks alot SPENCE! Before we got in the pool with the camera I let Spence know that I didn't want pics of me and my big ol' belly, but now as I go through all of them to do my post...I am in every one!

Bowling FUN!

We have been taking our boys from work bowling as I have been teaching a class on bowling techniques to them for the past couple of weeks. Abby got her chance to show what she could to on the lanes too! Her first "throw" aka roll came up with a 9! She is going to be a PRO! Here is the set up! Gotta line it up just right DAD!And the release...it looks like it's gonna go gutter...but the little one has a spin! She really had fun bowling. We had to watch her real close cause she kept wanting to help everyone with their throws as well!

ZOO with Gramie!

On the 19th my mom came to Utah and took Nikki, Mayli, Tori, Natalie, Carson, Spencer, Abby and I to the zoo. We wanted to make sure that we got to see the cat show this time because last time we went it was too packed to see anything. So we went and watched the cat show, where they bring the big cat right in front of you separated by a gate...it was way fun. We were right on the other side of the glass in the front row and I was really worried that Abby would scream with excitement when they opened the doors but she didn't. It's kinda hard to make sure that a 21 month old understands to be quiet so they can do the presentation without interrupting the cats concentration. She did great though! Well afterwards they let the cat back into it's enclosure and we took this pic...the cat was like two feet away from her. She thought it was great! She kept meowing at it!
Abby still has not decided whether or not she likes carousels. Definitely not at first for sure! But as they get going she seems to enjoy them better. She rode on the Jaguar...go figure.
As they were going around I got this pic of Abby petting the "cat." She wouldn't stop meowing at it!
After the bird show Abby and her cousin Mayli donated $5 each so they got to get their pics taken with an eagle. It looks like Abby was the only one that didn't get the memo to look at mommy for the picture! Oh well. She kept her eye on this big bird until her daddy moved her farther away from it!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Well here is the proof, Abby finally has enough hair to put a bow in it without a headband! I tried to get some good pics of her with the bow in her hair but she was either running around or running to see the "baby" on the camera. She is so silly. I sent her into her room to get some lotion cause I thought I could get a good pic on her way back out and this is what I got...Such a HAM!! But a cute ham!

Friday, September 12, 2008


So at my 28 week check up I talked to my midwife and asked if there was anything I could do about the back pain that I have. She said I could do some back exercises and try to get a back support to hold my belly up a little so my low back wouldn't have to do all the work. Well I went and got myself a "pregnancy belt" from Mimi Maternity today. I am telling you, if back pain gradually gets worse with each pregnancy I am DONE!! I have back problems as it is without being prego, so it just increases when I am. Hopefully this belt thing will help because I am dying!! My midwife even went as far as to tell me to stop picking up Abigale and holding her so much. She said that she was too heavy! I looked at her and said, this little girl is 20 lbs with her clothes on! My midwife still thinks that it too much weight for my pregnant back so I have been trying to get Abby to go to other people more often, especially when we are walking around places. She doesn't seem too keen on the idea but we will keep trying. Boy oh boy, I hope that this pregnancy speeds up a little!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Spencer's Birthday!

Well, it was Spencer's birthday yesterday! The big 26! I can't believe it!! Well, Spence got Ding Dongs from his aunt and Abby couldn't wait to dig in! She sure enjoyed that present! Thanks Aunt Marie! This is the football that we got for Spence, he has almost all the other BYU stuff you could imagine. It's getting harder and harder every year. Pretty soon there won't be anymore stuff to by from the BYU bookstore to get him!Oh Yeah....that hits the spot!

Ready for the BYU game!

Well here is our little girl all dressed and ready for the BYU game. Of course she has to have her new BYU hat. Abigale was ready with treat in hand at the start of the first quarter. She is such a prepared fan!


So we love the Bountiful Rec Center. They just redid it two years ago and it is GREAT!! Abigale especially loves the big slide or as she would call it the "WEEEE." She is so funny! I am sure Spencer got quite the work out this last time we went because Abby wanted to go on the WEEEE like 10 times!! Anyways, she just loves swimming! Our little FISH! We love her so much!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

new HAT

Abigale got a new hat on Saturday at the BYU Bookstore. She usually always wears her dads hats, but she saw them in the store and said HAAA... so we figured that was hat! She even picked the one she liked! She is so funny and definitely has her own little personality. She knows what she likes and she certainly likes her hat!
Normally in the morning she wants her baby, her kingley, her shoes, and now her hat as well. Such a strange combo for wake up time. She is really getting in a lot of practice for when her baby sister finally gets here. She has a little baby seat for her doll, and carries her around in it. Also when Abby goes to bed so does the baby all wrapped up in a baby burrito right next to her! She is going to be such a great big sister!!