Thursday, April 30, 2009

Better late than Never!

FINALLY, here are my girls in their Easter dresses. Lyla was a little upset as you can see...

I love matching their dresses for the holidays! Having little girls is SO MUCH FUN!! We love them so much!


We got the girls together for one last playdate on Wednesday before Nikki and the girls go to Arizona for the summer. Such cuties!

Lyla is really into sucking on anything she can get her hands on now a days... Abigale got too close and suffered the wrath of LYLA!!!
Goodbye May-May

Goodbye ToriWe are sure going to miss our cousins. It has been so nice having them close and I am sure there will be many days of Abigale asking when she can see Mayli and Tori. Lucky that they will be coming back after summer!!

silly goose...

My little lady got into my heels and was prancing around the house in them...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Egg hunting...

As most of my posts, they are if you want it in chronological order start at the bottom!

Here is Lyla just chilling on the couch at AJ and Nikki's house. She didn't get into the action of the egg hunt because it was quite wet and chilly outside! But she enjoyed herself anyway. All of the happy egg hunters! It's SO HARD to get a photo where all of them are looking at the camera at the same time...but oh well!
Here is Abby stuffing her basket to the brim. I was quite worried that she wouldn't do very well but I think she got the most eggs out of all of the kids. She was on a MISSION!!
This is Abby after the egg hunt she did at Grandma K's house on Friday. She was the only one looking for eggs and enjoyed running around getting them all while we watched!
OHH an EGG!!
Before we started the hunt Abby played with her bubbles that she got in her basket. She really loves them!
Here are my girls just sitting around at Grandma's house. Abby is quite funny now, if Lyla is sitting somewhere she will climb up next to her and sit. She is such a great BIG SISTER!
Oh and I just love this one! It's almost as if I told Lyla not to suck on the toy and she is just eyeing me down and doing it anyway! She really loves her elephant!!

We had so much fun this Easter! Friday we got to celebrate with Spencer's family and then on Saturday my parents came into town and we got to celebrate with the Nielson side as well! I am so grateful that we have family so close!! It makes life so much easier!!! We were rushed before and after church so you don't see a pic of all of us in our matching Easter outfits...but we are going to put them on and take a pic so I will post it when I have it! I love matching outfits!!! I hope everyone enjoyed this season and took the time to remember Christ and all he has done for you!! I sure did!!! We love you all!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I will post some more pics of our Easter adventures tomorrow but I just couldn't resist posting this one...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My cuties!

Well here are a few pics of my girls. They are so much fun and just love to be together!

This one I like to look at because you can just see how different their hair and eye colors are from each other! Sweet heart!

The same blank look...
Oh Lyla, you are such a silly little sister!!
Funny Girl!
Happy girl waiting for mom to get off the computer so she can EAT!!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Here it is! Mickey cake! YUM! Abby's friend Joseph had his birthday party this weekend and I made the cake and cupcakes. I was so relieved when this cake turned was quite the nail biter at first!
We had so much fun at the party and Abby was so excited when Joseph opened the present and card she gave him!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rice Cereal

My little sweetie is growing up too fast! She got to start eating rice cereal this past weekend...and SHE LOVES IT!! I am so glad too cause she has been a little sad after she is done eating and now I have something more to give her to fill up her little belly!

Such a happy little girl when she is full!!