Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Playing Catch Up...AGAIN

Wow, here we go again!! Abby and Lyla made some TURKEY Cupcakes... So proud!
Close up of Abby's
Lyla's...kinda fell apart because she kept trying to eat it.
Sneaking the icing...
Abby learned about Pilgrims in Preschool...when she came home that day she wanted to be one. Grandpa helped her pin these towels on so she was a pilgrim all day!
We FINALLY got to go to the Hiller's Annual PIE NIGHT!! Fantastic!!
Here we are at 2:50 in the morning waiting in line at Khols for BLACK FRIDAY MADNESS!!!
Abby met Santa...see her feeling his hand, she wanted to make sure he was real!
This is as close as Lyla would get to Santa, she screamed out loud when we tried to put her on his lap! No family shot by Santa this year...
Here is my shot at getting photos of the kids together...
Smile from the BOY
My sweet Abigale! She is getting so BIG!
Lyla!! Such a sweetie!
Max!! So dang handsome!!
Well there you have it! I am caught up for now...AGAIN!! Till the Christmas festivities I assume...