Sunday, April 10, 2011

Early Easter...

Well, I may or may not be here for Easter Sunday so today I decided to dress the kids up nice for church and take a few pics! Here is Abby! And Lyla...curly hair! I LOVE IT!
And sweet Max
Best shot at all three of them together! Such sweethearts!
My Grandma (the kiddos Great Grammie) made these dresses for my girls last year...which they wore, but they still fit this year and they LOVE them! So that made it easy...just had to find something for Max to wear! SWEETIES!


Here are a couple pics of Max and Abby....


Well frankly I can say that I am sick of doctors this week. I had to go three times for Max as he had croup and then bronchitis. But probably the worst of all was having to take Lyla in because she was running around in circles with Abby in the front room and fell into the hearth on the fireplace...OUCH. Here she is happy as a clam with her band aid on! Look at that cut. It is about 1 inch + and is right above her right eyebrow. I am really sad about this as she will have a scar on her face forever!
We were told by the doctors that anytime we take her out in the sun for the next year we have to put sunscreen on it...dang! That is so high maintenance! She was and always has been a trooper about getting hurt, although she still has a grudge towards her grandpa, who held her head down/still while the doctor put in the 5 stitches.

Seriously people...Lyla is the only one of my kids that gets hurt. She is 2 1/2 and she has already had a broken arm, broken nose, and now this. It makes me so sad!